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Friday, 19 October 2012



Year                                                     Film                                                          Role                

2011                                             I Am Kalam                                               Chhotu/Kalam

2012                                             Jalpari-The Desert Marmaid                         Ajite

2013                                             Chaarfutiya Chhokre                                   Awadesh

Wednesday, 12 October 2011



One day Harsh's fan was searching movies on internet and he watch in movies list  ‘I AM KALAM’ he downloaded the movie and watch this movie. After watch the movie he thought  “YAAR YE BACHHA KAUN HAI?” and search on internet Harsh Mayar and he found in first page on top Harsh’s face book ID and sent a message with name and mobile number. Harsh call back but not pick the call, fan call back and talked long time.

In one day 2-3 calls must used to come. Fan asked to Harsh , can you come Dubai and meet to me? But Harsh  couldn’t go.

Harsh Mayar’s fan finally came Delhi and met to Harsh. I (Rajesh) also was there, I asked to Harsh’s fan, sir tell me sort story how to come till here.

Harsh’s fan told me ‘as per my best knowledge and experience no one seen in Hollywood or Bollywood that a actor behave very pleasantly, give respect, good manner, good nature, good attitude and so mature like this never seen and first time all this things seen in Harsh. He also said  "good thing and good person every one like". Therefore, I came here for meet to Harsh Mayar. Harsh’s all this things attract his fan and finally, he met to Harsh

So, we should keep good things and attitude… like Harsh Mayar.


Friday, 7 October 2011


06:00 AM             wake up.

06:30 AM             ready for School.

07:00 AM             reaches school.

02:00 PM             come back home and have lunch, rest and watches TV etc.

03:00 PM             tuition home work.

04:00 PM             goes tuition.

06:00 PM             School home work.

07:00 PM             playing time

08:00 PM             have dinner.

09:00 PM             reads books, checks notification and comment on networking websites like facebook, twitter and own blog etc.

09:30 PM             spends half-an hour with family and friends.

10-10:30 PM       goes for sleep.

All my fans and likers you all should have your own schedule for your daily life.

Harsh Mayar

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


In my achievement first hand is my maternal uncle Sunil Kumar he catch my talent in my childhood, when I was 8 year old. He said to my mom-dad that Harsh do good acting so Harsh need to learn more about or he need to join acting school and Harsh should make his career in acting field and other maternal uncles are also help me. And second hand is my mom-dad who given me birth, and guide me in every way study, school drop-pickup (so far distance use to walk for drop and pickup me) and still helping me as physical and financial. I want to say thanks all of them who have helped me in my achievement and my mom-dad.
Thanks for help me

Harsh Mayar

Monday, 3 October 2011


On 19-July Harsh Mayar met to Bollywood Big Boss Amitabh Bachan at his Janak bungalow. Bachan G, listen a song to Harsh Mayar, song was Kailash Kher’s Teri Diwani and Bachan G surprise him for his achievement and advice him about acting, study and future’s career. Bachan G gifted to Harsh his whole life’s pearls, remembrance, experience and my more things. I mean a book written about his life. Bachan G written about harsh in his blog (, “power house Harsh”.
Jalsa , Mumbai                                     July  19 ,  2011                                    Tue  11 : 39 PM
In office meeting up with that small little power house Harsh, the star of the film ” I am Kalam ” produced by the Smile Foundation that works tirelessly for the underprivileged, providing them with opportunities and hope for a better future .. to excel and achieve ..
Harsh a confident alert and most vocal little fellow .. has won the National Award this year as the best child artist and now has travelled in to Mumbai from Delhi to meet me and then go back.. simply admire these qualities of amateurs finding their way into the industry and so savvy with all the necessary and required equipment for film .. !!!